Frequently Asked Questions

In order to make it easier on both you and us, we put together this page of frequently asked questions that we will be updating as needed.

How do I find a property on the zoning map?

The easiest way to find a property on a zoning map is to pull up Google Maps and the zoning map side by side. Find the property on Google Maps, zoom out, and find some visible boundaries around it, like freeways or major thoroughfares. Keep an eye on those boundaries, and then go to the zoning map and find them there. Now that you have the lay of the land, just zoom in a little, and repeat until you find the property. We wrote a detailed guide about this that you can read here.

What does "GIS" stand for?

GIS stands for "geographic information systems". Geographic information systems are the interactive maps that you will see frequently here. They are slowly being adopted by more and more cities and counties as a way to map city data (i.e. Zoning).

Why are some zoning maps PDF's, while some are GIS?

We hand pick every zoning map on ZoningPoint, and we want to provide you with the quickest way possible to find the zoning of your property. GIS maps are much quicker to use, and therefore, are utilized if available.

Why isn't my city's zoning map listed, but the county is?

Many times we will come across cities that either don't have a website at all, or don't publish their zoning information online. If the county is available, but the city is not, then that means we could not find the zoning map for that city based on one of the two reasons just mentioned.

Why are some zoning maps general plan land use maps?

As mentioned above, we hand pick every zoning map and we try to get you the best map possible, but some cities just don't have the maps publicly available. Therefore, we sometimes will have to resort to a general plan land use map, or no map at all.

Why is the button greyed out/unclickable?

If you find that a button is greyed out or unclickable, it means that the link is broken and is in the queue to be fixed. Please report the link if you need it sooner and we will get to it as soon as possible.