About Us

ZoningPoint was created by a real estate appraiser, for other real estate professionals.

It was created out of a need for an easier way to find the zoning maps for properties I was appraising.

On a daily basis I found myself having to scour the internet, spending upwards of 10 minutes just trying to find a zoning map, with a less than desirable success rate.

One day when I was fed up after searching 15 minutes for a zoning map, I came up with the idea for ZoningPoint.

I just wanted a place where I could go to easily find the zoning map for any city, without having to waste time digging through the horrible mess of city and county websites out there.

ZoningPoint does just that.

Since adding all the zoning maps is a manual process, I won't have the entire country up at once. I will however be adding them on a daily basis.

The plan is to start from Southern California (Where I am located) and work my way to all the major metropolitan areas and beyond.

For more information on which maps are available, visit the home page, or the available maps page.

P.S. If you have feedback, please feel free to send me an email. I welcome all the feedback I can get.